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Arminas Jasikonis #77

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Arminas Jasikonis #77

The young motocross talent from Lithuania Arminas Jasikonis is the latest in the list of athletes supported by UAB „Motopoint Baltic“. Training hard from 4 years old, Arminas over the past few years has proved that he is the hope of Lithuanian motocross and definitely the best rider in the country. The 3rd place in the 2011 European motocross championship - it’s the biggest achievement of independent Lithuania in the field of motocross. But it’s just the beginning…

For 2012, Arminas Jasikonis has started cooperation with UAB „Motopoint Baltic“. After suffering a broken leg at the end of previous season, Arminas has upgraded from an 85cc to a 125cc bike and hopes to continue to successfully climb the motocross Olympus.

"My goal is to fight for the MX1 World Championship title. No matter what the competitors – I will try to win every match".


Arminas uses following spare parts in 2012 season distributed by MOTONET.BIZ sales network:

- EASTON EXP handlebars;

- EK 520 MRD6 and 520 RXO chains;

- JT front and rear aliuminium (7075-T6) sprockets;

- ALL BALLS different type parts;

- NG brake discs.


Arminas Jasikonis dossier:

Date of Birth: 1997-09-12
Place of birth: Anyksciai, Lithuania
Areas of motor sport: Motocross
Participates in: World, Europe, Great Britain, Lithuania and the Baltic motocross championships.
Motorcycles: 2012 KTM SX125
Experience motorsport: 10 years

In 2004:
Lithuanian champion, 50 cc
World Children’s Cup, 3rd place, 50 cc

In 2005:
Lithuanian champion, 50 cc
European Championship round 50 cc winner

In 2006:
Lithuanian Championship, 3rd place, 65 cc

In 2007:
Lithuanian Championship, 2nd place, 65 cc

In 2009:
Lithuanian Cup Winner, 85 cc
Lithuanian Championship, 3rd place, 125 cc

In 2010:
European Motocross Championships, 8th place, 85 cc
World Cup 85 cc participant
Estonia Supercross Stage 1 winner, 3-stage 3rd place
Lithuanian champion, 85 cc
Lithuanian Championship 3rd place, 125 cc

In 2011:
European Motocross Championship, 3rd place, 85 cc

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